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Welcome to Found by Bo

Do you want to rent out a property?

  • Advice and assistance in renting out your property in the private rental sector.

  • Bringing your property to the attention to expats from international companies and organisations.

Are you looking for a property to rent?

  • Help in finding the right rental property in the private rental sector in Maastricht and surroundings.

  • Advice and assistance for expats in their relocation process.


In Maastricht and surroundings, I help people who are looking for a home or people that want to rent out a property to help find each other faster and better.

Bo Gorren, owner of Found by Bo

What to expect from Found by Bo

√ Professional and clear advice
√ Personal attention to your wishes
√ Excellent knowledge and great experience in the    Maastricht area
√ An extensive network

√ One responsible contact person


X No need to figure out everything yourself

X No different contact persons
X No unexpected costs


How does it work?

Previous successful collaborations


Maddy Schutte-Janssen

Our first house for rent, everything about this is quite exciting and new. We scheduled an meeting with Bo to see if our 'specific' requirements were at all reasonable, considering we are new to the laws of renting. We felt very quickly listened to during this meeting. Bo thought along with us and asked the right questions. This conversation felt so good that we immediately decided to move forward together. The nervous feeling is gone, it's time to start renting.


Jesus Bejarano Pineda

When I recently arrived in Maastricht, I was worried about finding the right property. But after I discussed my wishes with Bo, she guided me very well and showed me around Maastricht. Because she really immersed herself in what I was looking for, she was able to advise me and the ideal property for me was eventually found rather quickly.

Joelle kopiëren_edited.jpg

Joelle Rossel

For one of my clients, I was looking for a property in the city centre of Maastricht. With great knowledge of the market, Bo was able to help me very well. Besides her skills, she enjoys her job, is very friendly and professional. I found the cooperation very pleasant and my client was also very happy with the property that was offered.

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