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Find here the information or questions related to things like living in Maastricht, moving to Maastricht or rentals in Maastricht.

  • What are your opening hours?
    We do not have specific opening hours. In general, viewings are scheduled from Mon-Fri between 09:00-17:00, but you can contact us at any time by phone, email, whatsapp or via the contact form on the website. We try to respond within 24 hours. 
  • Can I visit your office?
    Unfortunately this is not possible, FoundbyBo currently only has a postal address available. Don't worry, we meet on location and the administrative actions will be done by e-mail.
  • What is BSGW and do I have to pay the assessment notice I received?
    Once a year you will receive an assessment notice for municipal taxes, sewage charges, waste collection charges, etc. from the government agency BSGW. As a tenant, you must pay these taxes yourself. The landlord will receive a separate assessment for his share of taxes. If you have any questions about this attack, it is best to contact contact the BSGW.
  • What do I do with waste?
    In the Municipality of Maastricht there are environmental platforms everywhere where you can dispose of and separate waste free of charge, such as: paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, etc. You can offer residual waste in the red/white residual bags. We recommend separating the waste properly, not only is this good for the environment but also for your wallet because the residual bags are expensive. These bags are available at several supermarkets. The Municipality of Maastricht also works with a green container for your organic waste and garden waste. You can find all the information you need via the following website You can find the waste calendar here. This indicates when the waste is collected. By entering your zip code, you never have to miss a collection day again.
  • I am interested in a property, how do I request a viewing?
    You can request viewings via the website by completing the contact form or requesting a viewing on the advertisement page (such as a Funda or Pararius)
  • Waarin zijn jullie gespecialiseerd?
    Found by Bo - Maastricht housing en relocation - biedt hulp bij het vinden van woonruimte, of het verhuizen naar Maastricht en omgeving. Naast hulp aan mensen die een huis zoeken of naar Maastricht willen verhuizen, zijn er mensen in Maastricht die graag een woonruimte te huur willen aanbieden. Regelmatig kiest men dan voor een tijdelijk aanbod, waardoor een expat dus een ideale oplossing kan zijn. Juist door onze dienstverlening op beide partijen te richten, zorgen we dat verhuurder en woningzoeker elkaar sneller te vinden. Dat is in essentie waar Found by Bo voor staat.
  • I don't want to rent out my home for an indefinite period, is this possible?
    Due to a change in legislation (July 2016), it is now easier to rent out independent accommodation for a fixed period of up to 2 years without the tenant being able to claim tenancy rights after the contract period. However, the landlord must inform the tenant in writing not earlier than 3 months, but no later than one month before the fixed period has expired, about the day on which the tenancy agreement ends. If the landlord does not do this (in time), the tenancy agreement will continue indefinitely and the tenant will still enjoy full rental protection. The lessee has the possibility to terminate the lease prematurely within the specified period of time, with due observance of the notice period of one calendar month. This may not be deviated from by contract. Please note: a rental agreement for a maximum of two years or less can only be entered into with the same tenant once. A second rental agreement is regarded as a regular rental agreement for an indefinite period.
  • Why do I need a real estate agent to rent out my home?
    The chance of a smooth rental, against minimal risks, with a good rental price is most certain through Found by Bo. The rental process is not easy and as a private landlord you are usually not familiar with the laws and regulations and the current market. Which tenant is reliable? Which rental agreement best suits the current situation? These are just two questions you encounter as a landlord when renting out a home. 
  • What is the points system?
    There are two types of rental properties in the Netherlands. You have social rental homes and rental homes that fall in the free sector. The rental price for social housing is set by the government and for rental housing in the private sector you can determine the rental price yourself and there is no maximum rental price. To find out in which group your home falls, the points system, or the home valuation system, is used. Every part of the house, such as the surface area, the woz value, the energy label and the finish of the house, play a role in the amount of the rent and the points you receive for this.
  • Is a house always furnished or furnished?
    Both options are possible. Furnished renting is mainly done by tenants who are looking for something for a relatively short period (1 to 3 years). A furnished house is then rented out including all the basic necessities to live there. Found by Bo is happy to give advice about what is needed. On the other hand, you can also rent an upholstered home. An unfurnished house means that you have a kitchen, a finished floor and there are also curtains and lamps. This is different for each home.
  • Do expats who rent a home in the Netherlands also have rental rights?
    The answer is short and sweet: Yes. Tenancy law applies to everyone. Every resident in the Netherlands has the same rights and obligations and these also apply to expats. However, the advantage of renting to expats is that they stay in the Netherlands for a relatively short period. After that, the landlord will get the house back. The rental situation determines which rental agreement should be used.
  • How do I register a tenant for utilities?
    Found by Bo can offer the service to register expats for utilities, insurance and TV/internet via an external partner called Easy Nuts. This service is completely free of charge. The meter readings are taken during the key transfer and passed on to the external partner so that they can contact the expat and then conclude a contract.
  • I am interested in a property, how do I request a viewing?
    You can request viewings via the website by completing the contact form or requesting a viewing on the advertisement page (such as a Funda or Pararius)
  • I want to rent a house, what should I do?
    If you are interested in renting an object after viewing it, a number of documents will be requested that you can then send to • Personal introduction + photo • Copy passport
  • What information do I have to provide if I am employed?
    • Wage income data • 3 last payslips • employment contract • recent employer statement
  • What information do I have to provide if I am self-employed?
    • Certificate of Chamber of Commerce registration • Copy of income tax return (two recent years) • Copy bank statement business loan • Accountancy statement
  • How long does the allocation process take?
    When all documents have been received in good order, we will start preparing the rental proposal to the landlord. We aim to provide feedback within 3 working days.
  • I have not been assigned a home. What will be done with my documents? And can I still respond to another property?
    If we unfortunately have to inform you that you have not been allocated the property, we will delete the shared documents in accordance with the AVG guidelines. You can of course still register for another home by going through the process again and expressing your interest to us via, stating the address of the home. < /p>
  • I have been allocated a home, what is the further procedure?
    As soon as you have been assigned the house, you sign a confirmation form. This form bridges the period of viewing and signing the rental agreement. The rental agreement is first sent for inspection and approval, after which we proceed to signing.
  • What is an inspection report?
    An inspection report is drawn up both at the beginning and at the end of the rental period. The report provides all parties involved with clarity about the condition of the rented property by means of detailed photos and text per room. Each of the parties involved will receive a copy of the report by e-mail. Please note: it remains a snapshot and we advise tenants to walk through the rented property themselves and report any defects within 14 days and email them to
  • I have a pet, can I rent a house or apartment?
    Whether or not you can keep pets in an object varies per owner. Make sure you report this to us as soon as possible. Then we make sure that we know whether your pet is welcome in the object in which you are interested.
  • What are service charges and utility charges?
    Service costs are costs that are charged on top of the basic rental price for the provision of extra services. For example, costs for cleaning common areas, maintenance of common areas, garden maintenance, furniture, etc. Costs for utilities are the costs for gas, water and electricity for which the tenant has his own meter in the rented property.
  • When do I pay the first month's rent and deposit?
    The first month's rent and deposit must be paid before the key transfer takes place, precise instructions will be stated in the rental agreement.
  • When will I receive my paid deposit back?
    The deposit will be transferred to the landlord of the house with the first payment. We do not manage a deposit ourselves. The deposit will be returned after you have left the property and delivered it to us. The amount of the returned deposit depends on whether things have to be settled, such as cleaning or any damage that has been made to the rented property. The term is normally within one month after final delivery.
  • Can I get a good tenant statement?
    We only provide a good tenant statement on request. If your new landlord needs a statement, we will be happy to help you.
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