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Purchase guidance. Help with buying a property.

The decision to buy a house can be exciting and exhilarating at the same time. But often it is also a complicated process, as there is a lot involved.

Making sure you make a realistic offer, for example. That you get value for money. Or that agreements made are recorded correctly. Found by Bo offers, in cooperation with Gilissen Finance, a programme to guide you through the process.

Our goal is to make your buying experience as smooth and problem-free as possible.

What you can expect from us is expert guidance in various areas during the entire buying process.

Together, we will make sure you are well prepared when it matters most, thus avoiding any surprises afterwards.

Our services

Purchase assistance by Found by Bo

  • analyses, reports & objective profiles (per property)

  • guidance during viewings

  • discussing negotiation possibilities & purchase conditions

  • checking relevant documents

  • advice on the purchase price & an offer to make

  • checking the provisional sales agreement

  • checking the bill of settlement

  • an appraisal with NWWI validation required to obtain a mortgage (made by a recognised and independent valuer)

  • a technical home inspection incl report (carried out by an independent architectural consultant)

  • advice on choice of notary & requesting quotes

  • a joint final inspection of the house

  • assistance in signing the transfer deed

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Mortgage advice by Gilissen Finance

  • extensive inventory of your financial wishes and objectives

  • analysis incl advice for the right mortgage provider based on wishes and objectives

  • discussing mortgage advice

  • administrative actions & communication towards notaries

Insurance advices by Gilissen Finance

  • comprehensive inventory of your personal and current situation with regard to your (current) insurances

  • analysis including advice on home insurance based on wishes and objectives

  • discussing insurance advice

  • arranging and managing relevant home insurance policies

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